SitePlayer Telnet Announcement

Support and information exchange for NetMedia's serial port to Ethernet device.

SitePlayer Telnet Announcement

Postby david on Fri Sep 17, 2004 4:36 pm

SitePlayer Telnet is now shipping

The SitePlayer Telnet products are now available from the SitePlayer webstore. ... tpage.html

Is your serial device SitePlayer Telnet enhanced?

SitePlayer Telnet is an Ethernet to serial device. It translates serial UART data from devices to and from TCP/IP allowing you to connect worldwide using the web. There is no software required to use the SitePlayer Telnet device from the device's perspective. Once configured through a standard web browser, SitePlayer Telnet does the rest.

SitePlayer Telnet can be either a client, which initiates connections, or a sever, which receives connections. A single PC can communicate with multiple devices, a single device can communicate with multiple PCs, or two Siteplayer Telnets can be used to extend a serial connection point to point across the world without any software intervention.

SitePlayer Telnet is perfect for connecting to data loggers, keypads, point of sale printers, magstripe card readers, bar code readers, flow meters, medical equipment, telephone PBXs, security systems... The list of serial devices that can be enhanced by SitePlayer Telnet goes on and on. Once over TCP/IP, the SitePlayer Telnet data can be converted to wireless and sent around a city, or across a building using standard components.

For secure data connections, SitePlayer Telnet can control access through IP mapping. When enabled, only certain IP addresses or ranges are allowed to use the SitePlayer Telnet enhanced device.

SitePlayer Telnets are available as OEM modules or as complete packaged systems with RS232 and Ethernet ports. For more information visit the SitePlayer Telnet site.

SPTS SitePlayer Telnet System now $99.95

The SPTS SitePlayer Telnet System includes:
SPT1 SitePlayer Telnet Module
SitePlayer Telnet System carrier board
w/RS232, Ethernet, & Power connections
SitePlayer Telnet case
Ethernet cable
7.5 VDC 300mA Power Supply

SPT1 SitePlayer Telnet Module $29.95

The SPT1 is an OEM module that requires a carrier board with proper serial, Ethernet, and power connections. It does work on the 2003 SitePlayer SPK1 developer board. These schematics may be used for reference:
SPTS Telnet System board schematic ... net%20(web).pdf
SPK1 2003 developer board schematic ... m_2003.gif

The NetMedia SPTS and SPK1 carrier boards are not sold separately.

SitePlayer Upgrades

SitePlayer Telnet is a separate product from the original SitePlayer. Neither product's firmware updates can be applied to the other. There are currently no plans to offer a reprogramming mechanism for either product.

New SitePlayer Telnet Group

The discussion group for SitePlayer Telnet is hosted by NetMedia. Be sure to join or monitor the activity for news and support.

Thank you to all the people who've made the original SitePlayer discussion group such a helpful, informative resource for so many SitePlayer users. There are currently no plans to move it from its location.
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