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Welcome to SitePlayer™, the embedded Ethernet HTTP server designed to easily and inexpensively web enable any microprocessor-based device. In approximately one square inch, SitePlayer includes an HTTP web server, 10baseT Ethernet controller, flash web page memory, graphical object processor, and a serial device interface. SitePlayer is a plug-in module that can also be used as a web enabling option, a product upgrade, or to retrofit older products.

SitePlayer best performs as a coprocessor that handles web protocols and Ethernet packets independently of the main device processor. Web traffic does not effect the device processor, which also adds a measure of security. Communication between SitePlayer and the device is accomplished through objects sent through a standard two-wire serial port. No TCP/IP or network code is required.

Item# - SPK-1

The SPK-1 Developer Kit is recommended for evaluating and beginning with SitePlayer because its carrier board provides immediate access to the module with its Ethernet, RS232 Serial, and Power connectors. More info


Item# - SP1

The SP1 is an OEM SitePlayer module that requires a carrier board, such as the one included with the SPK-1, with proper serial, Ethernet, and power connections. More info


Item# - SP1-U

The SP1-U is an OEM SitePlayer module like the SP1 except it does not contain lead or other materials covered by the European RoHS specification. More info


Item# - SPCD

The CD includes the SitePlayer software, web pages, graphics, example source code and documention for the original SitePlayer. The same material included on this CD can be downloaded free of charge from the Downloads page. More info


Item# - FIL0011F

The FIL0011F is the 10 Base-T Filter used on the SPK-1 carrier board.
More info


Item# - FIL0011-U

The FIL0011-U is the 10 Base-T Filter used on the SPK-1 carrier board. This filter is RoHS compliant. More info